Video Wall Controller(232) 3X4

Multiple splicing functions with 12 HDMI outputs (3×4, 4×3, 2×6, 6×2, 2×5, 5×2)
Multiple video input signal with 1 HDMI, 1 DVI, 1 VGA, 1 USB
Support mirror function
Support edage mask function
Support RS232 and remote control


HDMI DVI VGA USB Video Wall Controller 3×4 2×6 2×5 Video Wall Processor for 12 TV Screen Splicing


The HDMI/DVI/VGA/USB TV Wall Controller 3×4 is a professional video wall processor to display, capture, distribute HDMI/DVI/VGA/USB video signal to multiple TV wall for LED/LCD/DID/DLP monitors. All input video signal can be switched, controlled and displayed output to HDMI screens, audio signal also will synchronize output with video.


1, Multiple splicing functions
The controller support 12 HDMI output ports to connect TV wall, and the video output signal can be customized 3X4, 4×3, 2×6, 6×2, 2×5, 5×2 according to what you want.

2,Multiple input signal
With 1 HDMI, 1DVI, 1VGA, 1USB four signal inputs totally, HDMI and USB signal with audio decoding, DVI and VGA signal plus the corresponding audio binding interface.

3, Mirror function
The TV wall controller can realize 180 degree image flip function for each screen. A up row of LCD TV rotated 180 degrees, thereby significantly reducing LCD splicing gap, reducing image distortion caused by the large seam.

4, Edge mask function
All display unit has some physical border gap, the image will appear pull-apart on visually and feel very unnatural if no edge shielding; past the edge mask processing ,the image without deformation, stretching, more natural and realistic.

5, U disk Play
Insert a U disk into USB interface, it can play a number of popular video, pictures, MP3, TXT documents and support round robin play, pause, fast-forward, the program list and other functions.

6, Remote control
All functions can be done on the remote control like settings, switching, adjustable, and use ultra-sensitive design, remote control distance up to 7-10 meters.

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Input Signal
HDMI input
HDMI 1.4 (HDCP1.3), built-in audio, support 480I to 1080P resolution video
DVI input
DVI-I interface, bind 3.5mm audio interface, max support 1920*1080/60Hz
VGA input
HD15 interface, bind 3.5mm audio interface, support 640*480/85Hz to 1920*1200/60Hz resolution
Standard USB2.0 interface, support video, picture, MP3, TXT format play
Output Signal
HDMI output
12 channels HDMI output, max support 1920*1080P/60Hz resolution
Audio output
3.5mm audio interface, synchronize switching with video
Remote, RS232
AC 110~220V
Power Consumption
1U, 440m*258mm*44mm

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