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Chengdu Hotel

Chengdu hotel has 290-rooms and 78 private freestanding villas spread out along its 1.3 kilometer coastline, this is the most spacious resort and one of the most acclaimed Bali luxury hotels.
U8 Vision provided comprehensive surveillance system; focus on lobby, passage and other public area, installed over 130 channels U8 Vision 2megapixel Day/Night camera and managed by Video Management Software (VMS) to make sure every corner monitored.


1. Site survey and evaluate
2. Surveillance system consults and plans
3. 4-hours Technical support via internet
4. Provide suitable products
5. Technical planning & system training
6. 132 2MP Day/Night, indoor/outdoor cameras
7. U8 Vision VMS & CMS software
8. High resolution 1600X1200 video live viewing & recording