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Harbor in South AsiaOne of famous South Asia harbor already installed 5pcs x 16 channel DVR systme with 80 channel analog CCTV cameras. The customer want to upgrade analog CCTV to HDTV monitoring system, but they still want to keep old 80pcs analog CCTV cameras with DVRs and expect to install more 100pcs 2 megapixels network cameras . U8 Vision provide total solution of IP Surveillance including new 5pcs U8 brand 16ch DVRs, 100pcs x 2 megapixels network cameras, U8 Vision VMS 128 channel workstations and CMS 512 channel management system.


1. Keep original 80pcs analog cameras and DVRs .

2. HDTV high resolution video recording and playback.

3. More than 180 channels video recording and management workstations.

4. Central management system.

5. Remote control in different locations.

6. Smart video analytics including motion detection, object missing and tampering.


1. Evaluate the local environment.

2. Security system planning & consultant (IP solution line graphic).

3. Technical support by video conference.

4. Provide the proper products.

5. System organization and training