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YGreen Mountain Taipei / TaiwanGreen mountain resort Taipei City, 6 years old community. Residential: 46%、Commercial District:6%、School Sites:3%、Public Facilities (Children's Playground、Paths):11%、Parks & lake:4%、Lawn(not included resident yard):30%。 62 numbers of existing CCTV cameras and DVRs.


1. Need complete secure for any public places

2. Night monitor clear

3. Avoid the break in

4. Video quality high resolution & recording video & play back

5. Central management system to manage DVRs & IP cameras


1. Site inspection consultation

2. 20ch new IP cameras + Video servers to manage all cameras

3. 2MP IR outdoor water proof IP camera / indoor dome IP camera 

4. Motion detection alarm once people break-in

5. U8 Vision IP cameras offer live view & play back with high quality video in 1600x1200 Resolution

6. U8 Vision IP camera & system training course to security guard