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A Armed Police Troops in Sichuang

Existing analog cameras system had been run for a long time, command center expected to upgrade system based on existing cameras and equip some more high resolution cameras. According to project requirement, video server converts video to digital format and streams video to remote commander office. High resolution megapixel camera is dedicated in entrance and ammunition depots.
U8 Vision offered comprehensive surveillance solution, D1 video server and 2 Megapixel vandal dome IP cameras as well as U8 Vision VMS system transits video to every commander office, hence commanders are able to control at any moment.


1. Site survey and evaluate
2. Surveillance system consults and plans
3. 24-hours Technical support via internet
4. Provide suitable products
5. Technical planning & system training
6. 318 2MP Day/Night cameras and Video Servers
7. U8 Vision VMS & CMS software
8. High resolution 1600X1200 video live viewing & recording