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Peking University Cancer hospital in ChinaPeking University Cancer Hospital has nurse reception on each floor, nurses store and allot medicine in each nurse reception.

In order to manage nurse working procedure and patient care, Peking University Cancer Hospital asked high quality recording video.

U8 Vision offered comprehensive surveillance solutions. Hospital requested to install cameras in every nurse reception, and videos are centrally stored in data center. Video display is not only in the central monitoring room, but also in nurse head office. Multi-location monitoring helps hospital staff to get status on every corner.


1. Site survey and evaluate

2. Surveillance system consults and plans

3. 24-hours Technical support via internet

4. Provide suitable products

5. Technical planning & system training

6. 160 2MP Day/Night, indoor/outdoor cameras

7. U8 Vision VMS & CMS software

8. High resolution 1600X1200 video live viewing & recording