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    H.265/H.264 SDI WIFI IPTV Encoder Wireless SDI Video Encoder for IPTV broadcasting support RTMP RTSP ONVIF

    H.265/H.264 SDI WIFI  IPTV Encoder Wireless SDI Video Encoder for IPTV broadcasting support RTMP RTSP ONVIFWIFI IPTV Encoder/Wireless SDI Encoder/ Wireless SDI VIDEO ENCO

    1. Product Details

    H.265/H.264 SDI WIFI  IPTV Encoder Wireless SDI Video Encoder for IPTV broadcasting support RTMP RTSP ONVIF
    WIFI IPTV Encoder/Wireless SDI Encoder/ Wireless SDI VIDEO ENCODER


    This H.265/H.264 SDI WIFI IPTV Encoder WIRELESS SDI Video Encoder for IPTV broadcasting support RTMP RTSP ONVIFr,adopts newest efficient H.265 HD digital video compressed format, which is stable and reliable, with high definition, lower bit rate, and lower latency. The HD SDI signal input will be encoded and compressed by DSP chip, and will output standard TS streaming. This H.265 SDI video encoder can replace the traditional capture card, with hard compressing, which make the system more stable. It can be widely used on demands of capturing higher resolution, higher frame rate on HD video, and distributing the videos by IPs and internet. Besides, It can work as live video streaming encoder for different industries conveniently because of powerful extendibility.


    • Hard compressing     ( H.265 IPTV Encoder )  

    • Support H.265 high efficient video encoding

    • H.264 BP/MP/HP H.265 Main Profile

    • Support AAC G.711 advanced audio encoding format

    • CBR/VBR/ABR Bit rate control , 16kbit/s-16Mbit/s

    • Support Network interface full-duplex mode 1000M

    • Support 1 channel SDI input

    • Support up to 720P, 1080P HD video input

    • Support HDCP protocol and HD blue-ray

    • Support protocol HTTP, UTP, RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF

    • Clean WEB dashboard, Chinese and English are optional.

    • Able to access the dashboard remotely by LAN;

    • Support the double streaming output, main streaming + second streaming

    • The main stream and the second stream can be set by different protocols separately;

    • Be able to select different streaming resolution.

    •  Be able to load text water marks on streaming video with adjustment on fonts and position by X,Y Coordinating

    • Support photo watermarks on streaming video

    • Support one key to reset

    • Compatible with decoding on Set Top Box

    • Energy saving

    • Support video and audio preview, can find the error at any time.


    model number


    video audio input

    video input

    1ch SDI input, support HDCP

    video resolution

    1024*768/800*600 etc.

    audio input

    1ch, SDI audio built in

    video audio encoding parameter

    video encoding

    H.265 Main Profile

    H.264 Main Profile encoding
    H.264 Baseline Profile encoding
    H.264 High Profile encoding

    encoded size



    video code rate

    CBR/VBR/ABR code ratecontrol,
    16Mbps~12Mbps are adjustable

    video frame rate


    audio encoding format


    audio code rate



    network interface

    one RJ45 10M/1000M adaptive 
    Ethernet interface

    network protocol

    unicast, multicast

    stream code type

    TS standard stream, dual code stream

    interface protocol


    configuration management

    WEB configuration, remote upgrade




    power consumption


    work temperature

     -20 +60







    Connection Image


    21.jpgu8vision SDI ENCODER applicationApplication

    l        As HD encoder for IPTV,IPTV Encoder/SDI VIDEO ENCODER

    l        Digital HD/SD streaming sever.

    l        Video conference

    l        Replace HD Video Capture Card

    l        Hotel cable TV system

    l        live and recording broadcast for operating room.

    l        live and recording broadcast for education

    l        Digital HD live and recording broadcast for courtroom.

    l        Access to network monitoring platform, support recording broadcast

    H.265 WIFI IPTV encoder Wirless SDI Video encoder , support H.264/H.265 for IPTV broadcasting